Dr. Mams is a General Practicing Dentist that does Orthodontics. He has been doing orthodontic cases since 1990.

Functional Orthodontics

There are several different approaches or "styles" for treating orthodontic patients. Each case is as individual as each patient. "Functional Orthodontics" is the approach that Dr. Mams uses. Functional Orthodontics is an approach that puts emphasis on developing the shape of the dental arches without extractions when possible. It also involves paying attention to the position of the mandible and how it functions in the bite.

Dr. Mams treats many of the cases in a two-phase process using removable arch developing appliances first, and traditional orthodontic braces to finish the case.

Below are the color and symbol charts we use in designing removable orthodontic appliances.

For upper appliances we can do colors, designs and symbols.

For lower appliances we can do colors and designs, but there is no room for the symbols.

Click one to view enlarged version.

All Ages

  • Orthodontic patients come in all ages.
  • We treat some patients while they still have primary (baby) teeth to help them create space for their permanent teeth.
  • We treat some patients after all their primary teeth have come out.
  • We treat adults who want to change their smiles or make their jaw feel better.

Click the links below to learn about some of the newer technology from GAC International that we have available in our office.

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